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Sonali -AKSHATA Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka – August Finalist

I’m Sonali Mendis from Kandy & i’m 24 years old.i have been working for Earl’s Regency Hotel, kandy.my aim is to be succeed in executive position and learning to enter to the tourism field with my own business.two years earlier i worked for srilankan airlines catering too.as hobby am doing modeling with fashion designing & dress making.other than that i am a good lyricstic,dancer,songerstress(in choir of church) as well as i am good in drawings (paintings).since i was schooling i am very fond in aesthetic subjects& sports. as a qualities of me i am very flexible,self confident girl with good communication skills.other than that am working patiencely & kindly.i can do my best in hard times too.i am very humbly & polietly person who is positive minded with honesty.i met all nationalities of the world in one place.so i am a person with nice precence infront of them.my career proves all qualities of me.so i love & enjoy everything what i do.
if i say why am participating miss intercontinental 2019 pageant.that has been my dream from childhood.so that i observed what is the best pageant which can do a best thing for world as well as our country with fulfiling my dream
i believed as a queen their is a responsibility to work for social.so i would like to give my service for children who are suffering from dangerous sicknesses.it was my aim since last year by reasons of my younger sister’s death.there are so many kids die per day.some of them cant buy medicine they need according to their financial situation.currently i am helping them as i can.this pageant pushes us to be the best for our country.through this pagent i learned lot of things and experienced amazing things which are helpful to my future,carrer and this journey too.i am so lucky and glad to participate this golden oppertunity.so i hope to do my best.


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For the first time ever Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka has initiated monthly pageants whose winners will not only receive a Crown, Sash and a Cash Reward but also qualify for the opportunity to participate at Miss Intercontinental Grand Finale Overseas!

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