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Annanya – AKSHATA Suwandel Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka – Finalist

“If you are blessed to have something that everyone doesn’t, make sure you use it to make the world a better place”
I’m a simple girl who believes that humanity is the greatest super power anyone could ever wish for. Growing up in a world that was nowhere near a bed of roses, I have achieved something that’s priceless, and that’s the love I have for myself. When someone finally realizes self worth, they become unstoppable. And with every little milestone I step into, I always make sure someone benefits from it. I’m happy to say that anywhere I go, I I’ll always have someone who will say, “I did this because of you” No matter what life throws at you, be bold enough to create something beautiful with it. We are women, we are creators of humanity, we have all the strength we need, in our beautiful hearts. Always reach out, go an extra mile for someone, make someone happy each day, and most of all, “always leave a sparkle wherever you go”
-Annanya De Silva-
Beauty with a Purpose;
we are proud to say that Annanya is one of those unique beauty queens passionate about helping humanity.

Annanya’s charitable work is one for poems as its a sacrifice beyond measure…she grows her hair as long as she can with much care and then donates it to those victims of Cancer who have none, she also donates her precious Blood regularly.

Please vote for her @ http://misssrilanka-online.com/popular-voting/Annanya

For the first time ever Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka has initiated monthly pageants whose winners will not only receive a Crown, Sash and a Cash Reward but also qualify for the opportunity to participate at Miss Intercontinental Grand Finale Overseas!

Creative DIrector Mrs. Rozzane Diasz Liyanage

Franchisee Mr. Roshan Perera

Sponsors Akshata  – Suwandel Traditional Rice for naturally glowing skin and Luscious Hair (The Healthiest choice by Aristocratic women for over a Thousand Years ! )…http://akshata-farmingheroes.org/suwandal-suwandel-traditional-sri-lankan-rice-for-glowing-skin/

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photographed BY Prishan Pandithage, hair and make up by Enoka Bridals

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suwandal sri lankan rice for glowing skin Sponsor – Akshata Suwandal Rice for glowing Skin and Luscious Hair..the only proven natural healthy choice by Noble women of the sri lankan aristocracy for over a 1,000 years……

Annanya-suwandal rice-suwandel rice-akshata-roshan perera Annanya-suwandal rice-suwandel rice-akshata-roshan perera Annanya-rebecca-suwandal rice-suwandel rice-akshata-roshan perera

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Franchisee Mr. Roshan Perera with the August competitors…

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