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Michelle -AKSHATA Suwandel Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka – Finalist

Please vote for her @http://misssrilanka-online.com/popular-voting/Michelle

Miss Intercontinental Grand Finale will be held at the Galari Hotel Grand Ballroom on the 7th of November, 7 pm on-wards with the reigning Queen Karen Gallman flying down to Sri Lanka to personally Crown the new Queen !

Creative DIrector Mrs. Rozzane Diasz Liyanage

Franchisee Mr. Roshan Perera

Sponsors Akshata  – Suwandel Traditional Rice for naturally glowing skin and Luscious Hair (The Healthiest choice by Aristocratic women for over a Thousand Years ! )…http://akshata-farmingheroes.org/suwandal-suwandel-traditional-sri-lankan-rice-for-glowing-skin/

Partners Ministry of Tourism Sri Lanka, Galadari Hotel, Blue Waters Hotel, Orient Designs, Stretch N Tone, Kasun Shanaka Photography and Salon Arom

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