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Anjuni -AKSHATA Suwandel Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka – Finalist

Beauty is just a word, but woman is a mirror of beauty.
I am Anjuni Hettiarachchi and I am currently pursuing a Special Honors Degree in Art from the University of Kelaniya.
I’m a kandyan dancer and also a free style dacer and mostly interested in Bollywood styles too.
Actually, I like to share my ideas on the subjects what I learned with others because all kind of people should to be knowledgeable with every sides of education.
Without the art, the world would never be as beautiful. Because without art there is no chance for people to enjoy themselves. Then all the people of the world will be violent and uncooperative. Dance is one aspect of art. Dancing has long been a source of addiction. It is truly a pleasure to be exploring our present day with dancing. Nowadays I started a class to teach dancing to children who have good attitudes. Because my ambition is to be a genius dancing teacher. I would like to be a member to make this world calm and colorful and I am following my own path to fulfill that target.
a birth of a girl helps to make this world beautiful. But every girl cannot create a colorful world with dancing. I glad to say that I could do that and I will obtain my talents to create a colorful world with good attitudes indeed.
-Anjuni Hettiarachchi-

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Miss Intercontinental Grand Finale will be held at the Galari Hotel Grand Ballroom on the 7th of November, 7 pm on-wards with the reigning Queen Karen Gallman flying down to Sri Lanka to personally Crown the new Queen !

Creative DIrector Mrs. Rozzane Diasz Liyanage

Franchisee Mr. Roshan Perera

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anjuni-akshata suwandel rice

photographed BY Prishan Pandithage, hair and make up by Enoka Bridals

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anjuni -akshata suwandel rice

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