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Ayeshika – AKSHATA Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka – August Finalist

“A queen on her throne is a women who has mastered herself. She’s not perfect but she is complete and not afraid to fail.” I am Ayeshika Wickramasinghe and currently a Software engineering undergraduate. I’m a kandyan dancer and also a free style dancer who loves to dance with my whole heart, I excel in badminton and an accomplished  athlete. Apart from my academic studies and goals I love to do something to create this world into a beautiful place. I believe that there are too great days in person’s life. The day we born and the day we discover why. And being a self-lover is not selfish because fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness. I think me as a girl who is bold and beautiful with an aspiration  to color my life for eventful future.  Every girl is a queen in her own way. I’m a kind of Queen, Who is trying to fix other Queen’s crowns as well.
– Ayeshika Wickramasinghe  –
Beauty with a Purpose;
we are proud to say that Ayeshika is one of those unique beauty queens passionate about helping humanity..one of her flagship projects is participating in the campaigns at the Apeksha Maharagama Cancer Hospital organized by the University of Moratuwa.

Please vote for her @  http://misssrilanka-online.com/popular-voting/Ayeshika

For the first time ever Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka has initiated monthly pageants whose winners will not only receive a Crown, Sash and a Cash Reward but also qualify for the opportunity to participate at Miss Intercontinental Grand Finale Overseas!

Franchisee – Mr. Roshan Perera

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Partners – Kasun Shanaka Photography and Salon Aroma

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Franchisee Mr. Roshan Perera with the August competitors…