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Master the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Easy steps to natural beauty—because, really, who wants to look all made up?


Follow these steps to achieve a natural-looking no-makeup makeup look that will cover imperfections while still letting your skin show through.

Step one: Face

The real secret to minimalist makeup is well-prepped skin. “Great moisturizer is key,”

If you want a chiseled look, use a cream or stick bronzer right below your cheekbones and on your temples. “Doing so before foundation lets you define features in a softer way,” says Ramani. Pro tip: Stay away from powder bronzers. Creams melt more seamlessly into skin, “Nobody has naturally powdery skin.”



Step two: Eyes

If you take care of your brows, you can get away with less makeup. “Brows have the power to lift the entire face,” Apply the fiber formula to help fake fuller brows, then flip the wand over and apply the highlighter right under your arches; blend in both directions.

Now swipe some neutral eye shadow on your lids to conceal any redness, Enhance your eyes by smudging a gray or brown line into the lash line; it’ll make your lashes look fuller, too. When it comes to mascara, “apply just a little at the roots,” says Ramani, leaving the tips au naturel. “This will help lashes look darker, but in a subtle way.”  Its curved wand gets mascara right at the lash line. Got stubby lashes? Use mascara as you normally would, but stick to just one coat.


Step three: Lips

To find your most flattering tube, take a look at your lip color and then choose a shade that’s a bit darker. Just say no to nudes that appear devoid of color. “Very few people can pull off the pale J.Lo pout,” Nudes with pink and brown undertones, on the other hand, bring life back to your face. Pirie’s trick: Try on the lipstick and look at your eyes. Do they pop? If so, you’ve found a great complementary lip color.


Step four: Nails

Want a flattering neutral mani-pedi? It comes down to skin tone, If you have fair skin, look for a polish with cool undertones that skews more milky than pink,