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Minuri de Silva – Akshata Miss Teen-Universe Sri Lanka 2022

Miss Teen-Universe Sri Lanka sponsored by Akshata Honey Tea  crowned Miss Minuri de Silva as the Miss Teen-Universe Sri Lanka from  over 900 applicants.
She not only wears the Crown as Sri Lanka’s Most Beautiful Teen but also as a Gifted and Talented young lady Blessed with confidence and courage.
Gorgeous Minuri hails from picturesque Kandy where she excelled in Traditional Dancing, Swimming, Netball and Painting! She Designs and even sews her own Dresses..😊
her talents run in the Family as its seen through her Lovely sister and Brother, she attributes her strength to her encouraging and wonderfull Parents 💫who are truly model Parents.
minuri de silva miss teen sri lanka-akshata honey tea (10) akshata honey tea minuri de silva minuri de silva miss teen sri lanka-akshata honey tea (10) minuri de silva miss teen sri lanka-akshata honey tea (10)
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 akshata honey tea minuri de silva
HER GLAM DRESS WAS DESIGNED BY @anjuhettiarachchi @kamaaliya.lk#honey👗 (WhatsApp-076 184 3410 for Inquiries)
👸**ඔබට මීළඟ නව යොවුන් රූ රැජින වීමට අවශ්යද?
Do You want to be the next Miss Teen-Universe ? Then join the Pageantry group by whatapping your details to 077 5808084**