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Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2018

The search is over,  the finalist have been selected and the competition  for the most glamorous and coveted Crown resembling the dawn of the modern independent woman begins.

The prestigious event is sponsored by ”Akshata”  and its trade mark SUWANDAL Rice which is know for its functional properties  for a glowing skin. (http://misssrilanka-online.com/suwandal-suwandel-traditional-sri-lankan-rice-for-glowing-skin/)


The winner will represent Sri Lanka in the grand finale to be held on the 27th of January in Manilla, Philippines.

Ms. Iroshini Lankathilaka the Creative Director  for Miss Intercontinental 2018 and Franchisee Mr. Roshan Perera are proud of this years  finalists who are not only beautiful but have also shown great leadership and intelligence epitomizing the independent lady of the 21st Century who dare to dare.

miss sri lanka-miss intercontinental sri lanka-sewwandi (19)

as in the past this year as well  the public have an opportunity to vote for their favourite contestant; please refer below links and cast you vote and  rest assured the bountiful ladies below deserve it far more than the votes we squandered on the  imbeciles sent to parliament.

Miss PHOTOGENIC”  – http://misssrilanka-online.com/photogenic-voting/

Miss POPULAR” – http://misssrilanka-online.com/voting-system/

The Finalists for Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2018 are;

vinuri gonaduwage-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka Vimashi-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online nishansala Nishshanka-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online Miss gayathri soyza-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka Chethana Ranasinghe-miss sri lanka-misssrilanka-online

nisansala sewwandi-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online

gayathri soyza-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online

Chetana ranasinghe-miss intercontinetl sri lanka-misssrilankaonline


jeewamali rathnayake-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka

Koshali Nishshanka-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka


ovini-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online

thilini dilhani-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online

Vimashi-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online

vinuri nisakya gonaduwage-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka online

dissara-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online