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Radiant Pageantry in an Evening of Glitz & Glam

franchisee Roshan Perera and Chalani Shehani miss Intercontinental 2017  crowned Nissansala Sewwandi as the new Queen to represent Sri Lanka  at  the Miss Intercontinental Grand Finale to be held in the Philippines on the 25th of January 2019 competing against 90 Beauties from around the globe.

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Miss Sewwandi has an infectious personality with a perfectly defined figure and wears her smile like the jewel in her Crown which is probably why she also won Miss Congeniality

miss intercontinental sri lanka seewandi roshan perera

miss intercontinental sri lanka seewandi miss intercontinental sri lanka seewandi chetana nishala

23 years old hailing from the Piliyandala, She is currently following an external Degree at Sri Jayawardenepura University while working at leading private Bank. She aspires to start her own Business someday and join the helm of Sri Lanka’s young entrepreneurs.

she wants to change the Status quo by  not limiting herself to beauty but the pursuit  of knowledge and she feels Miss-intercontinental geared for the Independent woman will help her achieve this in the international arena.

the other winners are;

  1. 1st Runner-up – Chethana Ranasinghe
  2.  Miss Personality – Jeewamali Rathnayake and Nishala Kashali
  3. Miss Catwalk Queen – Vimashi Mendis
  4. Miss Photogenic – Vinuri Nisakya
  5.  Miss Congeniality – Nissansala Sewwandi


  1. 1st Runner up – Chetana

    Miss Catwalk Queen - Vimashi

    Miss Catwalk Queen – Vimashi

miss photogenic Vinuri

miss photogenic – Vinuri

sewwandi miss congeniality

miss congeniality – sewwandi

vimashi miss intercontinental sri lanka vinuri miss sri lanka miss sri lanka online - nipuni nipuni

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043B0895 miss intercontinental sri lanka seewandi chetana nishala

Chethana Ranasinghe-miss sri lanka-misssrilanka-online gayathri soyza-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka nishansala Nishshanka-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online vinuri gonaduwage-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka Vimashi-miss intercontinental-misssrilanka-online