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Chalani Shehani Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2017

Beauty Queen Chalani Shehani is Sri Lanka’s  bet to win  the coveted Title of  Miss Intercontinental 2017 which will be from January 11th to 26th, 2018.

Chalani was chosen by the official Franchisee for Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka from over 100 applicants, she is not only beautiful but also  athletic and an undergraduate of the Kelaniya University.

while thanking Mr. Roshan Perera the franchisee for miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka , Chalani considers herself blessed as her wardrobe was designed by a professional team of designers  from Orient design pvt ltd  who have been one of the main forces behind the successes of many Miss Sri Lanka’s in the past thanks to the creative and glamorous dresses provided or sponsored by them.

roshan perera-miss sri lanka-chalani-shehani

Chalani with Franchisee Mr. Roshan Perera

Chalani  is currently at the number two spot with a whopping 2 million Votes ! for the People’s Choice Poll competing against 76 Beauties from the 5 Continents. (https://thegreatpageantcommunity.com)

chalani shehani

miss sri lanka Contestants from across the globe would battle out to claim the 46th edition crown of the contest. The contest will be held in SUNRISE Resorts and Cruises, Hurghada-Egypt this year where the current queen Heilymar Rosario from Puerto Rico will crown her successor. The contestants will start arriving to the venue from 10th January and the finale will be held on 24th January 2018.

miss sri lanka-sri lankan models- miss intercontinental miss sri lanka-chalani-orient design miss intercontinental sri lanka roshan perera

miss sri lanka chalani and roshan perera

Chalani will be staying in easily the most prestigious Hotel in Egypt where media from around the world will be reporting with the grand finale to be broadcasted live to a global audience  brining much publicity to  Sri Lanka as well


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Sunrise Crystal Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt

Sunrise Crystal Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt

Sunrise Crystal Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt

Sunrise Crystal Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt