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Confessions Of A Beauty Queen…

…..I have no boyfriend yet!
Sitting down for an evening chat with laska tv, the starry eyed derana miss sri lanka vinu siriwardana talked about her school days ,future plans and ,of course her dream guy. The still 19 year old beauty queen who shared the crown with her fellow competitor sumudu prasadhini ,represented sri lanka at the miss international contest in china in this September.

• Any comments about sharing the miss sri lanka crown with sumudu prasadhini ?well I was a bit upset about it at first but now its really ok because both of us are in the same position and I can accept that.
• Do you have s boy friend ? no
• Looking for one?mmm(thinking) no,I don’t think I need one this soon ,so no.
• Three qualities you like to have in the man of your life-honesty ,understanding me well and a society accepted man.
• So how are you handling your fans? Well a lot of fans want to become my personal friends ,and I should tell them-you guys ARE my friends,it doesn’t make a difference if you are a fan or a friend,I will always do whatever help I can do to my fans ,and I will do my best in acting and modeling ,to do what they like to see .
• Man’s most attractive features? Good personality,a good figure and specially height-my man should be atleat six feet.
• What do you have to say about your school,studies ,teachers and friends? I went to anula vidyalaya,I was a very popular person in the school,I did a lot of extra curricular activities.also I want to thank my teachers and friends for helping me in this contest
• Do you go clubbing and partying ?no but I go for my friends parties and other functions
• Whats the most embarrassing situation you have had to face ?none
• Most recent movie that you liked most? Kusa paba,I like Buddhist culture themed movies,which im also planning to take part in
• One law that you would like to break? I respect laws ,I don’t think they are there to be broken
• Can you sing us a song? (In a rather shy undertone )– shall we do that part later??
We say-you say the bit where I fire words st vinu snd she fires her rsndom thoughts back at me:
• Favourite foreign actor/actress?preity zinta and shah rukh khan
• Your hobbies?charity work and watching tv
• Your height? 5” 5
• Who do you love most?my parents
• Then? My bro and sister
• Craziest rumor you have heard about you? Well im new to this field and so far I haven’t heard of any bad rumors about me
• Your favorite actor? Roshan ranawana
• Last movie that made you cry?i usually tear up whenever I watch a tragedy but right now I cant think of any
• If you were given a chance to choose one celebrity to spend a vacation with ,who would you choose? My family members