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STAR-TALK With Ranmini….Miss Sri Lanka Solange

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Former Miss Sri Lanka and  Netball queen with Beauty & Brains.. The Gorgeous 5’10 ft Solange  speaks to Ranmini on Star Talk..


 – get to know her…

Age: 24
Height: 176 cm
Measurements: 34-26-38
  • Describe your childhood growing years:
    I was a very visionary kid when I was small, I engaged in all possible activities in school. I love studies and never stopped only with that. I did sports, drama, dance and any opportunity which came my way. I think, all that helped me to be who I am today.
    What lessons did you learn from your childhood?
    I learned many things from my childhood. I had been a multi-tasking girl. I learned how to handle many things without compromising the quality, and managing time and the stress of doing multiple things. Being a sports-minded girl, I learned to expect victory and defeat and also I learned self-confidence, discipline, patience and team work which only a few of my age learned.
    Any special facts or story about your family?
    My family is a small family. Although I don’t consider my family as a rich one, but all of them are rich in the heart. My family loves each other and care for everyone. We make any house a nice and beautiful home.
    What is the most unusual thing you have ever done?
    The most unusual thing I ever did was practicing in school sports basketball and netball without my parents knowing about it.
    What is your most memorable moment?
    Being selected to represent my country at the tender age of 14 and becoming the youngest national basketball and netball player and also setting another Sri Lankan record by being the first sportswoman to win the title of Miss Sri Lanka 2013 is the most memorable moment for me.
    What is your environmental advocacy and why did you choose this?
    My environmental advocacy is creating awareness among youth about going green and protecting the environment from pollution. The reason for choosing this is because I believe youngsters are the pillars of the future Sri Lanka and the environment. If they take the initiatives of planting trees and going green, the future would look so nice and fresh.
    What makes you proud of the country you are representing?
    As Sri Lankan we are not only blessed with nature such as beaches, forests, hills, and countryside, but also with rich culture and heritage. After 33 years of civil war among four religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism and the Muslims, we now live in harmony showing the world that we’re brothers and sisters of mother Sri Lanka and we love each other. This is what I am most proud about my country.
    What can you promote about your country?
    Sri Lanka as a country has a lot of places to discover such as amazing beaches, wild life, and countryside with a lot of bio-diversity and green nature to explore. Moreover, we are a country with rich culture and heritage and many pilgrimage destinations being explored the Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics and Islam.